Friday, February 27, 2015

Time to...start managing time!!!

My kids and I haven't been very well lately.  For two weeks straight one or the other of us was bed-ridden - which meant that I wasn't very productive.  Normally this would have been annoying and frustrating because there is always too much to do and not enough time - but during this particular period it was exasperating.  Since signing on with Jennifer Nelson Artists I've had one job after the next.  The success of the agency has exceeded all my expectations and I couldn't be happier with the outcome!!  This means, however, that I have many more projects to juggle and  need to start structuring my working week better, finding ways to be more productive so that when disaster strikes and we're all at home lying around, I'm not in a state of panic about how I will catch up.
I'm NOT a morning person.  If I could choose when to work I'd start at around 4pm and work until past midnight.  But I can't because I have children and my work day has to fit around them.  Because I'm in a sort of fog for the first few hours of my work day, I start later than I should - around 10am - and don't make the most of my time.  This is going to change - I'm going to sit myself down at 9am every day!   I've also started keeping track of my work hours and am amazed at how sporadic they are - stopping and starting, changing from one day to the next!  That is also going to change.  I'm going to try and keep set hours!  What else?  Ah yes - I've had a strict policy of working on ONE thing at a time, then clearing it all away before starting the next.  I love working like this - it keeps my brain tidy.   It's not possible anymore.  I'm going to have to start multi-tasking!!!  Eeek.  But maybe I will manage to post on  my blog more often if I get used to switching from one thing to the next.
Lastly - I have to get up at 7am every day for my kids.  But I often don't go to sleep until way past midnight!  That's another thing that will have to change and may even lift the morning fog a bit.
I'm memorializing all this here!  I would add in a plan to exercise regularly but I've been threatening to do that for twenty years and it hasn't happened yet so I'll tackle the other big changes first.