Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thank you!!

The launch of Jennifer's new agency was a huge success, beyond our wildest imaginings, and on Monday morning we all reflected on the generous and supportive response we got.
I'm working on Valentine ideas at the moment so I made this little dog with a huge bouquet to say thank you to everyone who so kindly sent their best wishes.  I love being part of a global community of artists and at times like this I really value having the companionship, support and advice that I receive daily from everyone.
I started building a collection under my own name three years ago, feeling like a very obscure needle in an enormous haystack and wondering how my work would ever get noticed.   I have a tendency to swing wildly between extreme exertion and complete inertia but I approached this with a slow, plodding consistency, tackling everything methodically, following a (very loose) structure I'd set up for myself.  This year I'm getting a sense that my efforts are coming to fruition.
A year ago I started a  goal journal, feeling sort of obliged to follow the protocol, to see if it worked.  It's a very sporadically-entered collection of ramblings but among the mess are some goals.  I recommend doing it.  Some of the more outlandish ones are actually being realized and its unimaginably gratifying to tick them off!!  I'm predicting that with Jennifer's help and my artist friends' support some of the other pipe dreams are also going to become attainable.

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