Monday, November 17, 2014

Fall/Autumn Colors - Inspiration

I'm trying to do a Fall/Autumnal design at the moment - squirrels, foxes, acorns, leaves and so on.
I had a big hit with the fox design (below) a few years ago.  I did a group of six pieces using this palette and it did very well.  The colors are very obviously Autumnal yet the addition of the bright pink accent makes it contemporary and whimsical.
This time I'm looking for a more sophisticated palette - something more geared towards home furnishing. 
I've been noticing a lot of these unusual grey pumpkins on Pinterest lately and the combination of those with the traditional orange variety put me in mind of something that has perennial appeal in Autumn - tan leather and heather grey knit: tan boots and heather grey tights, a grey, chunky knit sweater with a tan handbag. This really conjures up bookish, windblown, collegiate sophistication for me and I'm very keen to try it out!!  I put together a mood board (see above) and pulled my palette from it.  I particularly like the way the greys slightly veer off into taupe/mauve tones.  I think they'll look great against the warm burnt oranges, browns and golds.  I'd also like to add that hint of pale melon in somewhere as a surprise.
Today I'm going to be trying to incorporate it into those little birds and squirrels.


  1. love this pallette...and the collegiate windblown, leaves crunching underfoot feel has to be one of my favorites! thanks so much for this inspiration!

  2. Beautifully stunning mood board, lots of lovely colours, love the wily fox too :)

  3. Beautiful, Victoria! I love this palette!