Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some of my Favorite Artists!!

Back in July, my friend, Anne Bollman, asked me if I'd like to participate in a blog hop and I said yes, of course, not realizing that it was the same blog hop that I'd agreed to do for Melissa Iwai (which is here).
I finally managed to do my part for Melissa a few weeks ago but didn't manage to do it for Anne until now (sorry!).  Since I've already answered all the questions for Melissa, I decided to make this post a feature about some of my favourite artists, showcasing their work and explaining why I love it.  
If any of you ladies would like to continue the 'hop' you just have to write something about me, answer some questions about yourself (see below) and feature two more artists. Here are the questions;
1. What are you working on?
2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?
3. Why do you create?
4. How does your creative process work?
But since I broke the rules, I don't mind if you do too - so no obligation!!!

Anne Bollman

First I'd like to show you some of Anne's stunning work.  Anne is based in Los Angeles. I love her sense of humor.  It's evident in almost everything she does. I think this is why she's so brilliant at doing characters - her sense of fun enables her to create relatable, friendly personalities for almost anything you can think of.  Look at that snail, and the ink blot with 'oops' written in it!!!  Anne has a fresh, clean graphic style that I can imagine on a million products!

Isn't this a beautiful concept - the idea of all the different modes of transportation.  Usually this is a masculine theme (cars, airplanes) so it's so refreshing to see a feminine version - a lemon yellow camper van and a bicycle with flowers in the basket!! Anne also does co-ordinates very successfully, taking elements of the key designs and creating simple repeats to create a broad reaching collection.

Look at these gingerbread men/women/  They're skiing on candy canes and they've just come from their ginger bread house!! And their candy canes are making a heart shape!  And the trees are lollipops!  So much thought and humor has gone into this concept.  You can see more of Anne's work here.

Betsy Wood

The next designer I'm featuring is Betsy Wood who lives in England.  I love her work.  It's incredibly trend-driven and clever.  Look at how she's used foliage as the fox's tale, the owl's wings and the peacock's tail. And the simplicity of the animal shapes - they're so uncluttered but are full of personality!

And this! The lettering is really varied but cohesive and I love the bird shapes, especially the one facing his tail.  Each one has a different voice too!  

Are you blown away by this?  I was when I first saw it!  Look at the details!!  So original, such variety.  There are layers and layers of disparate imagery here, all held together with incredible skill and understanding of color and composition.  Look at the hole punch circles, the stag emblem, the arrow on the owl's chest, the cameo brooch, the vintage wallpapery ground.  Amazing talent!

Isn't this a lovely idea for the GTS Terrarium project!!  You can see more of Betsy's work here.

Rebecca Jones

Next is GTS finalist Rebecca Jones. She's English but lives in Melbourne, Australia. She's an absolutely brilliant illustrator and it's no surprise that she made it to the final stage of the competition.  Rebecca creates the most appealing characters imaginable and sets them in worlds that are both vibrant and delicate at the same time.  There's something light and lacy about her style that exudes femininity without being at all girly or twee. Rebecca has an incredible imagination and I always find a subtle surprise in her designs. In this one it's the watermelon slices on this little girl's dress!

This design is FULL of delightful surprises.  This is Rebecca's entry for the first round of the GTS. Look at that house in the tree with the ladder!!!! The squirrel running up the side of the jar!  The linear toadstools tucked into the background, the gently floating seed pods around the edges!! And look at the bear's face!  I want this to be a story to read to my children!!  

How pretty and delicate is this!!  You can see more of Rebecca's work here.

Flora Waycott

Here's Flora's beautiful work.  She's English/Japanese but lives in New Zealand. She's also a GTS finalist and it's no surprise in her case either!!!  Flora also has a delicate, illustrative style.  Her characters are massively appealing and beautifully proportioned.  She often uses a gentle color palette (I tend to think of it as European) and well observed, hand drawn, linear icons.  Look at these little women.  Creating appealing adult, female characters is extremely difficult as they can either look too young or not pretty enough.  I think these hit the perfect note.

Flora is very inspired by nature.  Her floral studies are beautiful.  She's half Japanese and I think this comes across in her work - something about the simplicity and cleanliness of the imagery.  There's nothing heavy or over complicated.  Very few, well executed elements make a really strong impact.  You can see more of Flora's work here.

 So - there you go! Aren't they all incredible!!!  Good luck Rebecca and Flora with the GTS and good luck to Anne and Betsy with your wonderful designs! xxxx


  1. Gorgeous work from all these diverse talents! So inspiring and deligtful.

  2. Love all of their work and yours, Victoria! Lovely post! :)

  3. gorgeous work, thanks so much for sharing Victoria! :)