Monday, May 12, 2014

Preview of my stand at Surtex!

If you're curious about how my stand will look at Surtex then have a look at this drawing by my daughter!!  She's included EVERY SINGLE minute detail.  I'm even wearing my new handbag!  For 6 months she's seen me plodding my way through an enormous list, assembling all the pieces.  She's woken up on many mornings to find a new bit  of something waiting on the dining room table and she's  been unfailingly impressed and curious about each step (she could not keep her hands off the business cards when they arrived!) Look at the little cake stand on the table on the right.  She thinks the clients would like a piece of cake when they visit.  And the display shelf.  She helped me plan my booth layout.  My little boy Leo has been very involved too, crying when I rolled the 'big pictures' back up (the banners), but Isadora has really been my right hand man.  I often ask her what she thinks of a design and her insights are so sophisticated.  How does a 9 year old understand that a drawing of a dog is too realistic, not stylized enough, that it doesn't fit with the other designs in the group?
She's making me a little folder to bring with me, full of little drawings and messages (this one too of course) and maybe if I look at it every day I won't miss her and Leo so much.  Maybe.


  1. Looks fab!!! Lovely drawing by Isadora, obviously talented like her mum x

  2. what a great drawing, she's so proud of you! i'm excited to see your booth with my own two eyes too.

  3. Everything looks great, go knock 'em dead at Surtex! :)
    I have a couple of young female helpers too, and they are definitely motivating. I am impressed and inspired by your work and your focus and wish you all the beast.

  4. What a super sweet girl, and very very talented too! I love the drawing. xx