Monday, March 24, 2014

Minted and West Elm Together Again - Editor's Pick!

Remember I asked you to vote for my artwork in the Minted and West Elm Together Again competition?  Well I won a prize!  My design 'Desert Frost' was an Editor's Pick (see above)!   It's my first Minted competition and there were nearly 2000 entries so I'm really pleased.  My winning entry will be sold at Apparently I also get a Minted Storefront as a prize so I've hatched a plan.  I'm going to pander to my yearning for hand-painting by shoving loads of hand-rendered artwork in my Minted shop as wall art.  I'm really excited about this as it gives me an opportunity to paint with an objective.  I'm constantly trying to reconcile hand-painting with creating my commercial art and now I can.  These below are the other entries that didn't get picked.  You might notice a slight similarity to the designs that will be in Uppercase, featured in my last post.  That's because these too were adapted from the Lilla Rogers Bromeliad project.   Those Bromeliads have gone a long way!  Thank you Lilla for an inspired subject to explore!

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