Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lovely Ink on Print and Pattern! (and Rubbish Cat - read further)

The Lovely Ink Project has been featured on the Print and Pattern Blog - 
and my little cat was posted.  I'm particularly happy about that because there's a long story behind that cat.
I  knew I wanted to draw a cat for a group of designs I had in mind and I had a fairly clear idea of what I wanted this cat to be.  I sat down to draw him/her feeling quite confident - and I couldn't do it.  I drew the thing over and over and over - in pencil, paint, pen, on the computer - and it was pathetic.  In desperation I posted on the MATS Facebook group that I couldn't draw a cat and that what I'd drawn was RUBBISH and ended up with 50 requests to see this rubbish cat.
By this time I'd been drawing cats for 2 days and had finally come up with this benign little creature (above) and was quite pleased with her.  So I posted her - and there was an uproar about how she wasn't rubbish enough.

So, to compensate, I drew this;

And then Nic drew this (so rubbish it looks like a fox);

and Anne this (way too good!):

but later admitted the first one had been this (far more rubbish);

then Ohn did this (Austrian rubbish cat with no ears);

Vivayne this (so sweet - looks like it wants to make friends);

Jennifer this (cat putting out the rubbish);

Wendy this (which isn't a cat Wendy - definitely a fox!);

Stephanie this (outrage ensued - is not rubbish ATALL);

then this (a bit more rubbish I suppose but not really rubbish enough);

and finally this (drawn with left hand - so rubbish is gorgeous);

then Rachael added this (pretty rubbish Rachael);

and Amalya this (I love this vibrating cat);

and Carolina this (look at it's tail);

So, while I'm sure my friends would much rather I show-cased their brilliant portfolios, showing how amazingly talented they are, I'm choosing to post their worst artwork - because it's funny!!  Vivayne even started a Facebook page for our crappy drawings!
The following weekend I was planning my artwork for Nicole Piar's wonderful Lovely Ink Project.  I'd already picked my phrase 'Choose Happiness' and was wondering how to illustrate it and realized my little cat looked so serene and happy.  So I sat her in a pretty garden and thought she illustrated the phrase really well.   Seeing her shortly afterwards on Print and Pattern was such a lovely surprise and I felt like all that cat anxiety had really paid off. 
There - that's the story of Rubbish Cat!  And the moral of the story is - your crappy artwork may become decent if you spend 3 days plodding away at drawing one thing - and if it doesn't you can share your desperation with other people and laugh hysterically at their crappy efforts.  Choose Happiness!


  1. rubbish cats cannot be contained on facebook, they are roaming free!

  2. This is just awesome! And your rubbish cat is gorgeous! :)

  3. best. post. ever. i am off to go spread word of rubbish cat far and wide! and beautiful Choose Happiness print, victoria. impossible to be sullen when looking at it : ) -xo

  4. Wendy's is not a fox or a cat, she is a mouse....LOLOL!

    Great post. I did so enjoy our good laugh!

  5. LOL...I SO love this post! The rubbish cats are somehow so endearing. LOVE!

  6. Fabulous post Victoria...some time back I have also spent a day trying to draw a cat, no need to mention I produced a lot of rubbish cats as well and I have not finished with it yet, but I was happy ! I love your cat illustration and when I saw it on P&P I pinned it immediately and it got so many re-pins. I am very much looking forward to receive your illustration via the "Lovely Ink Project" so I can hang it up in my studio !

  7. My phone was giving me trouble, wanted to tell you I love everything about your pretty kitty. The colors & flowers are fab!

  8. So funny and sweet. Great work too! :)

  9. all are just adorable. the range of rubbish pets is endless! think I will explore that one since I've been trying to draw Buster, my dog with no success!

  10. they are so adorable! endless options for rubbish pets. i've been struggling to draw Buster, my dog with no success and the name just seems to fit! thanks for the inspiration

  11. Victoria, this post made my year. Happy the year has more than 9 months to go, so I can rubbish around in a happy state of mind... Thank you!