Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm on Lilla Rogers Blog today!!

Lilla and Beth recently asked artists who'd taken MATs or Bootcamp  to email in their 'successes' that resulted from participating in the courses so they could write a blog post about it.   I sent an email with a list of projects I'd worked on, my competition win, inclusion in Uppercase and features on Print and Pattern.  I said that I didn't know if they fit with their criteria for 'successes' but I was happy about them and wanted to share them with Lilla and Beth in the hope they'd want to include something in their post.  So when Beth announced on Facebook that they'd posted on their blog about their alumni I thought perhaps there might be a mention of me.  Maybe.  If I was lucky.
And there was!!!  I'm so pleased!!  You can see the post here and see what they wrote.  You can also read about other artists and the incredible things they've accomplished.  A lot of them are friends from the MATs course I took last October and I know they're thrilled too.  It's just lovely to feel that your work is valued and all your efforts have been recognized - especially by Lilla and Beth!!

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  1. Fab Victoria! But no surprise you were their first mention either…superstar in the making you are!! :-) Congratulaitons xx