Monday, February 3, 2014

Surtex 3 1/2 Months Away!


I aim to post on my blog once a week and so far during its existence I've more or less managed to - except the last couple of weeks.  I am chasing my tail!  I'm desperately trying to design, research new contacts, send work out to existing ones and make sure I'm sticking to client and Surtex deadlines - but my kids have been ill, I've had a lot of visitors, we've had loads of birthdays (I'm going to change my birthday to July so they're not so bunched together), I CANNOT keep myself away from Facebook  - and then Rome inconveniently flooded last week. At the moment the kids are off school and we have no heat or hot water.  I didn't even try today. I just took them to the park instead.
So that's a list of distractions.  Now here's a list of what I've managed to do - in spite of all that.  This is me doing self affirmations again - sorry to drag you all into it!
Did a group of 8 rabbit designs.
Did a group of 4 Valentines designs.
Designed a new logo.
Got a great contract with a fab company.
Started a new online course - Lilla Roger's Assignment Bootcamp!
Got invited to take part in Nicole Piar's Lovely Ink Blog Project along with some other great artists -more about that to come!
Booked my flight.
Ordered a load of stuff from Society6 and Zazzle to decorate my stand.
Got a traveling companion!!!  - my super-close friend Charlotte who's a lawyer in Rome and is going to expand her business in NY! not one, but two, amazing artists to help me at Surtex - Melissa Iwai in Brooklyn NY and Flora Waycott in New Zealand!  I am sooo pleased about this.  I'm just so flattered that such great artists would offer to help me.  They deserve a post just for them to show you how lovely their work is. (Coming right up after this one!)

I suppose that's not too bad. There's a small persistent voice following me around saying - But what about your postcards?  Your banners?  What the hell is a press kit?  Who does all this stuff in Italy?  What about another 50 designs? Aren't I supposed to send hand-embellished, original works of art and a box of gourmet chocolates to each and every art director in the world beforehand?

At times I feel like flinging myself down on the floor like my three year old son does - but I haven't yet. They're back at school tomorrow so I'm going to focus - when I'm not checking Facebook, of course.


  1. You're doing great, keep it up! I'm convinced there is nothing harder at times than being a work from home artist, but it will all pay off in the end :) You're gonna rock it!

  2. Omg, I was ok about Surtex till I read this but now I'm in a total PANIC! Soooo much to do!!!
    Love your rabbit design x

  3. Thank you Rebekah! I hope so!!! Ha ha Dawn! Sorry! Have a cup of tea and a biscuit.