Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lilla Rogers Bootcamp February - Cuckoo Clocks!

Get ready for it!!!  There's about to be a tidal wave of cuckoo clocks washing over the internet - such is the influence of the magical Lilla Rogers.  There are 400 designer/artists on this course and they are sooo GOOD!!!
The theme of this month's assignment was...cuckoo clocks of course.  It's a lovely theme as the clocks themselves are full of details: the little house, the clock face, the animals and figurines around them, the cuckoo itself, the pendulum, the painted floral decoration, balconies, shuttered windows.  There are so many design elements within them and such huge variations between each clock that I thought it would be fairly easy to create something pretty and interesting even though I was a bit stuck for time.  I had to miss out the first week of sketching and went straight into the second week so rather than explore different concepts I interpreted the theme quite literally, thinking that the variety and interest within the subject matter would be enough to draw on.
We were instructed to create a design for a phone case (very clever - old and new technology) and were given a colour palette - initially a combination of dusky pink, acid/mustard yellows, palmolive greens, teal, purple and red - and at first glance I thought I'd give them a miss and choose my own palette.  There didn't seem to be much point in paying for expert direction only to completely ignore it though - so I decided to rise to the challenge.  And surprisingly (or not, if you consider the source) it worked.  The colours looked really pretty together.  So, all happy with that, I read the third week's installment from Lilla - another colour palette (the original one really with a greenier yellow and the addition of a lovely dusty navy and orange).  Hmmm.  I'd thought I was finished.
I couldn't not have a go.  I should have been working on a project but really wanted to try that navy. So I did.  I put the two versions to the vote on the FB page and the blue one won hands down.  I'm really pleased with the way it worked out.  It was refreshing to try something new and make it work.  I can't wait to do some designs to go with it. And I can't wait until the gallery opens and I can see ALL 400 interpretations of this theme!  The talent in this group is extraordinary!
Below are the two versions based on the two different palettes. Which do you prefer?


  1. Hi Victoria - such a lovely blog! The blue for me too. Lovely :-) Can't wait for next Monday, can you? x

  2. Great blogpost :) Iam for the blue version, too. I can't waituntil tomorrow, when the gallery is live. Greetings!!

  3. The blue background really makes the icons pop, love the design!

  4. Hmm not sure that posted..

    I wrote that they are both beautiful but I was always partial to the navy blue one! ;)

  5. I love the blue one. Super work, well done.

  6. Blue one, definitely