Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm Going To Surtex 2014!!!!!

So I dug deep into my pockets and bought myself a booth at Surtex next May!!!  BOOTH 447 folks!!!! Don't forget!  I am sooo excited.  I haven't been back to New York since I left 5 years ago and I can't wait to go.  
I'm going to blog about all the preparation and the build up as I go along.  This is the situation now!

So far I've got -
A place to stay - my lovely friend's apt in down town Manhattan (I can't wait to see her again!).
A free plane ticket - husband's air miles - yes! (though not booked yet).
A booth - choked on the price but will be worth it.
A lot of work but not enough.
12 years experience living in NY - no probs finding my way around.
A map showing where the booths of all my new arty friends from MATS will be.  Can't wait to go for a little wander.

I haven't got -
An ipad - I know, I know.  I don't want one either but I'm going to have to get one to show my portfolio.
A very clear idea how to present my work aside form the iPad.  Binders, Look Books, Blurb books (?).
A clue how to decorate my stand - where do I get vinyl banners in Italy? Should I get extras?  Printed cushions, framed wall art?  Should I have it shipped to NY? Should I rent a shelf for a mere $150 (I think that's the rate!) What are the rules about hanging stuff etc?
A clue whether to bring someone to help me or not.  Do I really need to pay a day rate just so I can go for a wee once in a while?
A decent logo.
Postcards, business cards etc - waiting for logo!
A website with a products page - must do a few adjustments to website in general.

So -  a few things to throw me into a blind panic - wish me luck!


  1. I would work for free just to go to the conference and see how it is done! I live in Brooklyn and am a fan of yours. :) I have three friends who will also be there -- they are sharing a booth. Let me know!

  2. Hi! I just saw your comment but I can't contact you! Please please send me an email as I'm definitely interested!