Thursday, December 19, 2013

Advent Challenge 2013!!!

Well - that was a monumental feat!  12 Christmas themed designs before Christmas!  I think I'm supposed to have done 25 but really...!!
A couple of weeks ago I'd been staring at a blank screen, wondering what designs to do next for Christmas when I stumbled across this!

It was such a relief to have someone plonk a whole list of ideas in front of me and I felt a sudden rush of enthusiasm.  I've done so much Christmas over the years but I usually work to very tight themes.  This was so broad reaching, covering so many different images that I really enjoyed it.  I've never done an elf before, or a snow globe, or a Christmas jumper - and the angel and the snow-scene were quite novel too.  It was a challenge making such diverse imagery hang together with a cohesive palette and style but I found that a few common elements, such as the holly, the snowflakes and the pine frond, had so much mileage when used in such different contexts.  I could cheerfully carry on with this until I reach the 25 but it would be about mid February by then so I think I'll stop here.
Faye posted the reindeer image on her blog  as day 15.  You should go and have a look at the other pics she posted - They range from designs to photos to children's artwork and are just great!!!!  Such a lovely idea Faye.  Thanks!

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  1. They look fabulous! I like the Christmas tree one and ginger bread cookies and sweater one... You are so great creating so many artworks in a such short time! Love them!