Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4th Week - Make Art That Sells - Wall Art

Here you go then - Wall Art!  The first painting I've done in years!!!!  We were assigned two colors (I got red and blue) and asked to gather whatever elements we could find in these colors with a view to doing a collaged piece for the wall art market.
Here's a selection of the bits and pieces I found.  We haven't got any beautiful little arty shops in my neighborhood.  Just a couple of stationery/gift shops and 'the Chinese shop' (as it's known).  But while hunting around I came across some real finds - the gridded paper, the old fashioned paper binders, the paper chocolate cases and the raffle tickets - all in shades of red and blue!  Those bed sheets have been hanging round for years waiting to be turned into something too.  They belonged to my Mother-in-Law.

I enjoyed this so much.  I did another one one to go with it but didn't manage to finish it - but I think it still looks okay alongside the first one in my living room - goes with my cushions!

I am definitely, definitely going to pursue this.  I'm not sure this was my most successful attempt at a MATS brief but for me it was probably the most inspiring.  It's an area I was only dimly aware of.  I longed to paint but needed to know how it would relate to and integrate with the other work I do and now it seems seamless.  I desperately want to make time to do an ABC painting, among other things, and start submitting work to Wall Art companies. 

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