Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Little Pot Project


So - as I've mentioned before, I've been sketching.  Not as much as planned (I should change the name  of my plan from A Sketch A Day to A Sketch a Month) but more than I did before.  Having sketched my children, my Mum, flowers from the garden, I needed new subject matter.  I've been collecting pots, jugs bowls etc for twenty years.  They're dotted all over the house, their uses as varied as their shapes and colours.  I explained to Isadora that when she inherits them she can look at them and think that those pots represent everything her Mum loved: the perfect palette, the perfect decor in a room, the perfect containers for flowers or a colorful dish of food.  They each represent a moment in my life, people I've cared about,  places I've lived, my changing hopes and aspirations - like most collections.  Isadora, of course, looked at me blankly, wondering how a load of old pots could carry such significance. 
So I gathered them all together and started to sketch.  After five fairly fruitless minutes of that I decided these pots deserved a better method of memorialising them and decided to take some pics instead.  Isadora helped me arrange them into little settings, based on shapes and colours, and I thought (not for the first time) how much I'd love to be a home decor stylist.
I wanted to put all this effort to good use in a group of designs so came up with these.  I loved extracting the shapes and patterns and was reminded of my degree projects all those years ago.   

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