Friday, August 2, 2013

Wise Words (and Begonias)

I woke up this morning feeling a bit anxious, knowing the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search results (revealing the Top 50 entries) would be out today and wondering if I'd made the cut - and I didn't.  I'd already started this group yesterday and as I sat down to design, feeling a  bit despondent, I realized that  I was working on some perfectly-timed, little messages to myself.  For a start they're a great, big compilation of all my floral styles, a little celebration of the last year or so spent creating Victoria Johnson Design, and secondly, the messages are uplifting.  I could have really ran with it and written some very elaborate, self-affirmation texts but drawing all those letters by hand takes a long time! (Bytheway - what do you think of those Begonias ?!!!!)


  1. well done, all looks fab! I felt the same yesterday re the GTS but there is always next year and I do see why the designers that were chosen were chosen, it wasn't just about the entry it was also about how established they were as designers so I did take comfort in that and knowing I still have a way to go in that respect, getting there is part of the fun! thanks for the lovely messages and inspirational designs Victoria :-) xxxx