Thursday, August 29, 2013

Drawing Ponza


Every Summer we go to a small island in the Mediterranean called Ponza.  My Mother-in-Law was born there and my Father-in-Law has a house overlooking the harbor.
This year was the first in many that I wasn't sick with worry about small children dropping of sheer cliff faces or falling out of boats - and I actually managed to have a moment or two to myself.
I envisaged coming home after 2 weeks with a sketchbook filled with drawings of peach, yellow and blue houses, boats idling on turquoise seas, great blooms of hibiscus and plumbago bobbing gently in the breeze.  Ha ha! It didn't work out quite like that.  I didn't even open the bag of art equipment until the second week.  
I managed, however, to produce a few sketches.  Most of them were a bit ropey (I haven't tried landscapes for years) but I was quite pleased with a couple of them.  
Here are a couple of pics of me at work - I didn't deliberately co-ordinate my top, towel and nail polish - honestly.

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