Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search Entry

I wasn't going to post this!  I felt so nervous about it I felt ill every time I looked at it - but I've been scouring the internet for all the other entries and finally thought I should join the party and show what I came up with!
If you didn't already know, Lilla Rogers Studio recently launched their Global Talent Search and I imagine that every aspiring designer in the universe will have entered - hoping to be the design world's 'Next Big Thing'.
The prize will be 2 years representation by Lilla  - a massively exciting prospect as she's probably the most significant and well-known art agent in the world, representing extraordinarily talented designers.  Through Lilla, their artwork is becoming so well-known, being brought into our lives daily by influential, design-led retailers such as Paperchase, that it's affecting design trends worldwide and is beginning to visually define an era.
In the first round, entrants were asked to create a journal cover as if Paperchase were the client, basing the imagery on old-fashioned playgrounds.
I immediately thought a mid-century illustrative style would work and I wanted to attempt to include children  - but specifically as a pattern element.  I wanted it to be joyful with a dynamic composition, featuring lots of primary -coloured elements (that Peptobismol pink wasn't plastered on everything when I was  kid) but I also wanted to incorporate a vintage, faded feel to the palette.
In the end I chose a grey background because I thought it gave a contemporary feel to the vintage elements.  The minute I'd submitted it I decided I wasn't sure if it flattened everything and had a major panic - but the deed was done.  Sometimes I think I over-think things!
Thursday is D- Day - when we find out who's in the top 50.  They're the lucky ones that get to enter the next round!  Gulp.

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