Monday, July 15, 2013

A Sketch A Day - Leo Sleeping.

Yesterday I made myself 2 web charts - one showed all the stuff I'd like to do daily (but don't) and the other was all the stuff I'd like to do weekly (but don't).  I'll post them as my next entry.  There are no big surprises - it runs along the lines of eat less, work more.
However, one of the things I'd like to do daily is draw...with a pencil...on paper!  I don't do it anymore.  I made the switch to computers over a decade ago, started drawing with a pen and tablet straight onto the screen and almost completely abandoned art materials at work.   I use Illustrator for most of my designs and I love the clean, graphic imagery it produces but at the moment I'm scrabbling for techniques to loosen up my artwork. 
My paintings used to be very free and heavily textured and I'd like to incorporate that quality in my designs.  So I decided to start drawing again.  And I'm going to continue - everyday. 
Here are yesterday's sketches of my little boy sleeping. They took about 15 mins and it was an absolute pleasure to do them.  
I'm going to try to post my sketches everyday  - and see where they take me!

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