Monday, April 29, 2013

My Prize for being a Tigerprint Competition Runner Up!

Look what I got in the post.  Was a bit mystified at first as couldn't remember ordering this from Amazon but then it all clicked into place.  Who loves inventive Typography?  Those folks at Tigerprint!  It's my prize for being Runner-Up in their Male Pattern Competition!  Have started to read it and, while I can appreciate that a book on the history of fonts might not be everyone's idea of a good read, it's actually really interesting - just read the part about the horrible creep Eric Gill, of Gill Sans fame!  Who knew that a typographer could be so repugnant.  You want to know what he did now don't you!  Well you'll have to read the book! (or you could look it up on Wikipedia I suppose).


  1. Ahhhh, you big tease ! Glad you liked the gift. Now you've got me curious.....

  2. Congratulations on being runner up and what a great prize! I would love this book!!

  3. Great book - have got it myself! Congratulations on being runner up :)