Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fancy a Coffee?

Rug by Mohawk and fabrics by Robert Kaufman

I did these coffee designs a while back, sitting at my kitchen table in New York, thinking about our upcoming move to Rome and no doubt subliminally channeling all things Italian into my work.  I did a wine and cheese group around that time too.
This group proved to be super popular and found it's way onto Robert Kaufman fabrics and Mohawk Comfort Mats (kitchen mats to you and me) among other things.
I think the combination of slightly ethnic looking pattern (think about where coffee grows) combined with 20th Century Modern silhouettes (then think about your average trendy coffee bar) and a palette that wasn't gender specific and didn't scream coffee, made it appealing to clients.
They then, of course, changed the palettes and layouts to fit with their concepts but I think they're still pretty close to the originals.

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  1. mmmm ....you've made me feel like having a coffee and nothing beats Italian coffee. Lovely work !