Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm in Raptures! Victoria Johnson Design on Print and Pattern Again!!

This is incredible!  I'm beyond thrilled.  The wonderful Bowie, creator of the iconic Print and Pattern blog has featured my work again today -
Print and Pattern is the number one blog in the field of Surface Pattern Design and it's a huge honour to have my work displayed there.
Last time my designs were featured I received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response and began to fully appreciate the extraordinary power this blog has in offering designers valuable exposure to key people in the industry.
Bowie has posted over twenty of my designs, including pieces from my newest Spring Collection, (a huge vote of confidence!) and I'm truly grateful for her support!  Thank you so much Bowie!


  1. Hi Victoria, I love your work! I came across the post on P&P today and coming over to your blog recognise the christmas work she posted which I also really loved. Your bird home pieces and floral patterns are gorgeous and really like your colour palettes! Lucy x

  2. Thank you Lucy! So nice to get positive feedback! xx