Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Lesson in Using Colour!

Little Lion 1

Little Lion 2

Little Lion 3
I wanted to show you these because I gained some worthwhile knowledge (from a great client) while producing them.
Little Lion 1 was the original - my choice.  I was thinking of trendy grey nursery walls,  bold accents, dark wood or crisp white cots, decals and cool bedding.
Then I showed them to a client and she said those colours won't sell.
Little Lion 2 was an attempt at brightening the whole thing up, taking out the greys and blacks, making it more pretty and feminine.  I quite liked it.
But I showed it again to my client and she said it needed to be more pastel, gave me colour suggestions and sent me some reference from a hugely successful children's retailer - and they were soooo pastelly!!
Little Lion 3 is the fruit of HOURS of work; changing, adjusting, abandoning hope (kept messing around unsuccessfully with green) then starting back where I started  and repeating the cycle - but I got there in the end and my client said she loved it and will present it at her next meeting.  Pheewww!
I can see it's 20 times more commercial and will have far broader appeal and I feel a lot more familiar with commercial children's palettes - and it's cute isn't it!
So, the point is...what you like as an artist doesn't always coincide with what the market likes - but what the market likes is vital so try and understand it and you might just like the results!