Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends

It's Thanksgiving! And here are some designs to celebrate. I used to love cooking big Thanksgiving dinners in New York for all the non-American waifs and strays (like me) who had no family to visit during this massively important American holiday.  It's hard for a European to grasp the concept of Christmas having a rival but it's almost as big of a deal - minus the presents.  There's not a trace of it here, of course.  Maybe I'll cook some Turkey tomorrow.
So aren't we supposed to say what we're thankful for? Well... aside from the usual health, family, friends etc. and of course my beloved Isadora and Leonardo, I'd say the best things in my life recently were;
1)  The new garage shelves I installed which have brought me unbridled joy.
2)  Ricky Gervais and Frank Skinner podcasts to listen to instead of same old music from iTunes Library.
3)  Adobe Illustrator - I have to pay tribute.  You have changed my life!
4)  My running routine.  I'm thankful I had it while it lasted but not quite thankful enough to resume it.  Need to work on thankfulness for this one.
5)  Erm - think that's it off the cuff.  Oh yes - recent ability to make a cake due to memorised recipe (am too lazy to follow recipes).  6 oz flour, 6 oz sugar, 6 oz butter, 3 eggs, tablespoon hot water - shove in bowl, mix, put in pans, cook.  Very grateful for that every time someone has a birthday.

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