Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Competition Entries

This is my first Spoonflower competition entry!
Lessons I have learned;
1) Working with a very limited palette is hard!
2) Working with a weird limited palette is very hard!
3) Always upload a larger scale, bold repeat because the smaller repeats have no impact when they're displayed.
4) Entering competitions has multiple benefits -  you get introduced to a community, can see how other designers interpret the same brief, are challenged to be creative in ways you wouldn't otherwise be, and can gauge the success of your ideas through the views and votes.  Not bad for free.
5) There are initial drawbacks - devoting huge quantities of time to selecting, re-formatting work to fit brief then ploughing through uploading requirements, getting it wrong, doing it again, getting it wrong , doing it yet again, then finally going to bed wondering if you did it right!

This is my first Threadless competition entry - for their iPhone case competition! Was wondering how appropriate it would be among all the skull, vampire and zombie images but I'd happily keep this in my handbag!
Next up is Tigerprint Christmas - my territory.  Brain has started ticking!

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