Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This is when I miss New York the most - and particularly Park Slope.  Every year there's a Halloween Parade down 7th Ave full of little kids dressed as princesses and rabbits and pirates.  Before I had Isadora I'd come home from work and catch the tail end of it and long for the day when I could take my own child - and then she came along and over the next four Halloweens was a chick, a witch, an angel and a mermaid.  Sad to think that there might not be a parade this year because of the storm but knowing New Yorkers they'll still be dressing up to the light of their Jack O'lanterns and making the most of a bad situation.
Since we moved to Italy three years ago we've hardly acknowledged Halloween. They don't make a big thing of it here as it's not an Italian tradition.  The first year here we didn't know anyone, the second I had a two week old baby, the third we had our own flood (horrendous) and this year is the fourth.  So we're doing it in style.  American style!!!
Five little girls and a little boy dressing up as witches (and Harry Potter if he'll allow it), eating spider web cake, mummy pizzas, toffee apples and frankfurter fingers, drinking green sludge with spidery ice cubes, bashing open a pumpkin Pinata (made by Isadora and me) and all lit by pumpkin lanterns (made by Isadora and me too!).
Oh yeah!!!!! I CANNOT wait! (Not eating those Frankfurter fingers though - make me feel sick just looking at them.)

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